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    My mother on a business trip

    Today is the first day of the mother on a business trip. In the morning, I'm still in his sleep, but a mother opened his eyes can't see. It turns out that mother left at 7 o 'clock, I was sad.

    Mother was gone, grandpa will be coming to meet me, my father and I also moved to grandma's to wish I also eat not to eat sweet, or even sleep also can not sleep at night. Mother isn't at home was slow! When I think of mom, remembered before and mother together of the good time, I couldn't help crying.

    Mom was not at home these days, I be brave. Ah, how I look forward to hurry up to Friday because mom will come back on Friday!






    the 妈妈 我和书的故事 十二生肖的故事 画故事 小芳的故事
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