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    Everyday, they play with each other happily. One day, I couldn’t find them. I asked my mother: ”Where are they? ” My mother told me that She didn’t know. At last, I found them in the grass. They were very dirty. I was angry, but when I looked at their lovely faces, I was happy again.I love my little rabbits, and they love me. They are my good friends forever.


    I have a dog.His name is Bob.He is two years old.He is yellow and very fat.He has two big eyes.And he wears a black coat.I always play with him. My mother and my sister look after him every day. When I come back ,he often walk around me.He is very cute and friendly.I love him very much. Do you like him?


    the 温故而知新作文 关于节日的作文 描写猫的作文
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